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Yes, Jordan and i have been working hard to get stuff ready for Angry and Mad, and Yes, my hands, wrist, and back are feeling the long hours put in over my illustration desk, and Yes, i haven’t eaten in hours, BUT that hasn’t stopped me from jumping onto Minecraft, breeding some cats and pigs (respectively), killing dozens of mobs, befriending a wolf, and subsequently getting lost in a jungle because i got too caught up jumping around on the vines.  On a side note, that was a really long sentence.  Possibly a run on.  Okay, probably a run on. You’re Welcome

i can't tell how many times i've dug straight into a lava pool.

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Okay, i missed it.  I saw that it was 11:58 and i exclaimed some things i care not to type while trying to get in a post for today in less than two minutes.  I know, it was a silly endeavor and i obviously was a little late. BUT, i’m not late by too terribly much so i consider it a small success.  Yay me!

All day i have been working to get ready my part of the Angry and Mad experience.  4 drawings down and 3 more to go before Sunday.  Part of that work, but not inclusive to Angry and Mad, was the completion of the tee shirt design for my old high school’s soccer team.  Didn’t turn out too bad. I would’ve rather have had outlined letters, but my gut told me they would tell me to do it the way i did in the end.  I don’t know if that made sense or not, i don’t really care, its late and you know what i probably mean….sort of… You’re Welcome


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Jordan has been working his little butt off for his webcomic site that will be releasing on Sunday.  I’m super excited about it because not only do i think it looks awesome and his humor shines through like a torch in the darkness, but that i get to be apart of it!  I’ll be doing some comics for the Angry and Mad comic section and i will also be drawing and writing one of the animals in Social Animals Stuff.  I can’t wait for all of you to see it!  Please check out the pre-release of the site and i will post about it on Sunday too.  Its gonna be so much fun!

so angry and so mad....


That’s my plug for the day, and because  i love blogging and showing off my caricatures, here is a commission i’ve been working on for my old Alma Mater.  It’s for a tee shirt design so i have to add the text yet, but i’ll show you the linework that i have so far. He was a soccer coach that passed away not to terribly long ago.  He was bow legged and they called his point the “Hook”.  Apparently he was pretty awesome.  I hope i did him justice.  You’re Welcome

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