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It’s Wedding Time

So i just got into the Best Wedding Showcase in Lancaster on the 15th in January and i am so excited! This will be my first wedding expo so i cannot wait to meet brides, moms, wedding planners, djs, and so many more. I love drawing at weddings so i’m hoping this exposure will help with that :)

Just to recap, i’m sure i’ve posted these pictures before, but i’m so excited that i’m going to go ahead and repost them, cuz who’s gonna stop me? No one… that’s who.

she was so pretty in her wedding dress

she was so pretty in her wedding dress

This bride and groom heard of my drawing at one of their friends’ weddings. They heard such great things and even gave me my own place to draw in. The guests were amazing and i had a blast! More wedding work to come

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Somehow, i convinced my husband to let me get a tree to decorate for Christmas. And by Convince, i mean i went out and got a live tree, took it home, and decorated it ( don’t worry, i had his blessing). The tree is a gorgeous Norfolk pine that stands only about 3.5 feet tall and has the softest of needles.

On a side note, Home Depot, along with other home improvement stores, felt that this beautiful tree was not attractive enough by itself leading them to spray the entire pine tree in Spray Glitter…. Idiots. I’m sorry that nature isn’t breathtaking enough for you.

Okay…so maybe i’m a tad hypocritical for hanging lights on my tree and dangling silly ornaments from its limbs, but i’m fairly sure that neither of those things interfere with a plants ability to BREATHE.

An awkward segway later, I decided on a Minecraft theme for the tree of course then proceeded to go out and get me some diamond colored balls and printed Minecraft iconography to hang from my lovely pine.

I didn't even hear it coming...i turn and there it was....on my tree...

It's rare to find Gold this high up

Our lovely Norfolk pine all dressed up with nowhere to go

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This week, my adventurous job took my husband Jordan and I to Florida with the California Boys at Santa’s Enchanted Forest, Miami. We get to work hard and play hard with people we love. This beginning part has no real connection to the actual reason I’m posting, but I wanted to say it anyway.


Often, we have customers asking us for copies of their pictures. “Well cant you just draw it again quick for free?” To which my response is, ” You dumb bunny.” I can’t wait for the day when customers understand the value of a persons time. Essentially, I’m being asked to do a whole other drawing, so why wouldn’t they expect to pay for it? Every now and then, however, you get some cool cats who want a second drawing of themselves, and not even a copy! These two girls came up wanting just that. What I love about being asked to do a second drawing, is that it gives me a chance to really work out their faces better; a real treat for me. Plus, the girls were awesome customers which made the whole experience ten times better.


This is the first drawing I did. I was okay with it, but not floored by the exaggeration or composition. Still nice though.

This second one I liked so much better on both counts of exaggeration and composition. Plus, I think it’s just more fun to look at :)

And to finish my post, heres your dose of cuteness for the week


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