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Please be MINEcraft

Just in time for Valentine’s day.  If you have a special someone who geeks out over Minecraft as much as you do, i hope you throw a love potion at them, hop around for a bit, and then explode….with happiness of course.  You’re Welcome


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I don’t usually enter competitions, but this one really spoke to me.  As most of you know, i love the game Minecraft.  When i saw that Threadless hopped on the wagon to put out designs for MineCon, my little heart went a flutter.  I did two designs for the contest.

The first is a comic book take on the main character Steve.  He has his Cat companion with him and for anyone that knows the game, they are a great defense against one of the more dangerous mobs in the game; Creepers.  You can VOTE FOR IT HERE. Its the last day and i hope to get a few more votes and comments in there :) And you can use facebook to sign up; its pretty easy


The second one i did is a Minecraft take on the Peanuts Characters.  More specifically , the front features Lucy ‘griefing’ Charlie Brown yet again.  For those who don’t know, Griefing is a term used to describe malicious acts toward other players in game, such as going around killing people or destroying the structures they build.  You can VOTE FOR IT HERE! Vote, Comment, Share, whatever you would like to do :) A few seconds of your time means the world to me!



Once again: Voting for the Comic Book Minecraft Design is HERE; and the Peanuts Design is HERE

I’ll probably post an update on the Peanuts design closer to the closing of the Voting to let you know how its doing.  The comic book design will be finishing up today and i’m hoping for a strong finish!  THANKS! and of course; You’re Welcome

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Last week i found out (on Facebook of course) that the Yogscast has been running a teeshirt design contest for the past umpteen days/weeks or so (i’m not really sure).  The prize being offered is actually something my husband needs but can’t afford right now.  SO, i said to myself ‘why don’t i make something and try to win it for him!’ It’s always a long shot with stuff like this, and frankly i never do that well in contests(like the majority of us) and tee design isn’t in my little circle of ‘stuff i do all the time’.  But i had a week sort of open and decided to try.  If anything else, its makes some pretty cool fan art.

Here are the two i came up with it this week.

Spiders? WHY!?!

Bunch of Squares

when i was done, i realized they looked like toast

testing out some colors

I’m not letting myself have expectations on my chances, but i had fun playing on my computer and made something i’m happy with.  You’re Welcome

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