just playing :)


Just wanted to see if animated gifs work on WordPress, and it looks like they do! I don’t know why i ever thought it wouldn’t.  You know how it goes though.  You put all this work into a piece and then 9 times out of 1o, the presentation you were hoping for falls through in a big way.  This is not the piece i’m talking about.  What i did here is just stupid and probably annoying…so i apologize :)


Busy Busy Bee

Dudes and Dudettes; i have been totally neglecting this blog since i started my webcomic Needs Rounded Corners (which is tons of fun).  Its a week-daily comic, which is a fairly demanding and really the only thing i’ve been doing creatively lately besides commissions and random doodles.  You’re right; i should just post them here…so i will.

For today, here is a commission i did back in December!




Dairy Free: Part 2

True Story


See Part 1 HERE

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