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Silent Christmas

I have a very clever husband


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My husband and I have been on the edge of our seats for the movie Prometheus since we saw our first teaser trailer months ago. In preparation, I really wanted to come up with a neato shirt design that I could screen print and wear to the premiere.
With that said, I don’t normally finish any bigs projects I set out to do, but I made sure this was the exception. The result was a few orders and matching mother-daughter fan shirts to wear at the opening at midnight!
As for the movie, I enjoyed it a lot, but it did contain a lot of holes and left a lot of questions. Nothing that I’m going to go. But I did want to share the shirts in action!

I was so glad my mom went with me :)
You’re Welcome

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My brain is pretty fried thanks to Netflix and the original Star Trek, which is amazing BTDubs. AND, i’m pretty distracted by the fact that my husband updated our Minecraft server and it glitched out all of my animals that i worked so hard to find, tame, and corral.  AND i had to bury an adorable baby bunny yesterday because my parents’ dog thought it was a tasty snack.  AND i have 9 commissions due by Monday.  AND i have no ambition to work. *sigh*

Today i thought would be a good day to show you my sketch process and general work station.  I wouldn’t bother copying it though because i lose and misplace just about everything in my workspace. i’ll be using a pencil one minute, and the next i’m all like “Jordan, where’s my pencil?” and he’s all “I don’t know, weren’t you just usin’ it?” and i’m all “Yeah.”  And that’s how that goes. You’re Welcome

This is where the magic happens

some face studies

some creature design


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I don’t do this often but this post will be completely unrelated to art.  I know, i know. Pick your jaws up off the floor, they’re getting dirty and the 10 second rule doesn’t apply to wet stuff.

So back in December, i posted pictures of our Christmas tree.  If you remember, without going back to look at it but you should if you forgot, i decorated our little Norfolk Pine with cute little Minecraft ornaments and placed our gifts around it with love and care.  What i didn’t know at the time was that the Norfolk Pine is apparently a very delicate plant that does not thrive well at all in our Pennsylvania climate.  I watched as the poor plant dried up before my eyes.  I watered it and gave encouraging words to it, but the poor thing looked worse everyday.  More dry and withered than the old lady i posted yesterday.

So today, i finally looked up what to do because i knew that it was more of a warm weather plant and that there must be something i could do to save it.  Alas, not much can be done once it starts drying up.

On the UP side (and there is an upside), i cut off all of the dead branches and will follow the few tips i found to keep the rest of it from going to the light.  The poor thing looks so thin now, but much healthier. You’re Welcome

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