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Love Puns.

I did a craft show recently that didn’t go well, but i’m not here to share that bit.  It’s a nice little segue way into some new stuff i made FOR the craft show.  Namely, some adorable animals playing in snow.  Nobody bought them but the experiment was a success none the less.  The experiment being that i’ve started working more on colored paper.  My illustrations just seem to come out more finished.  I feel like i’m cheating by using them but…meh.  It’s the results i care about.

You’re welcome

Snow Cat

Snow Dog

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The title doesn’t lie.  Today, i went to my second funeral in two days.  It wasn’t as bad as it sounds. I may sound a tad heartless, but, i didn’t really know them outside of the few memories i have of them.

The one today did hit me harder though.  She came often to our youth group when i was in high school and after most of the kids graduated or just got a bit old for it, i didn’t see her as much except for when we went caroling and visited her in her home to sing to her.  She had a brain tumor when she was very young and was perpetually 7 years old even though her last birthday cake had 30 candles on it.  She would grab our hands tight and only the people she liked most got called “turkey”.  I was called “turkey”.

Sad to say i sketched at this funeral.  I can’t always control when i get inspired and i hate to say no, like a Use it or Lose it thing.  Once you stop listening, it stops talking.  My sketchbook is always on hand, and in those blank pages, i find comfort.  I don’t regret drawing during the service, in fact, i really like the sketch i did, and in a weird way it helped distract me from the sadness and helped me to focus on what i loved about her when i knew her.

Both of these women touched so many.  Love everyone you meet while you’re here, its the only time you get, and it doesn’t make sense to waste it.   You’re Welcome


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Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Stupid Taxes…

Sorry for my lack of eloquence but sometimes there are just a few words that can properly express my feelings.  Sadly, we are still not done with them.  Jordan is working extra hard to balance the books while little old me just had to worry about my own receipts.  I never realized that being what i am would be so difficult to negotiate tax wise. Stupid receipts. Stupid Taxes.

I doodled what i will do to all those receipts in 4 years.  You’re Welcome

Burn Baby

The fires that burn within will be put to good use

P.S. I did a new comic on the Angry and Mad website.  it has werewolves

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