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Dudes and Dudettes; i have been totally neglecting this blog since i started my webcomic Needs Rounded Corners (which is tons of fun).  Its a week-daily comic, which is a fairly demanding and really the only thing i’ve been doing creatively lately besides commissions and random doodles.  You’re right; i should just post them here…so i will.

For today, here is a commission i did back in December!




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NRC: the first

NRC: the first

New comic i’m starting up on wordpress. It’s going to update Monday thru Friday. You’re Welcome


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I just can’t get enough of these guys (and gal).  Its just good nonsense comedy.  

They are holding another art competition on their forums, so i decided to participate.  With the Caricature Convention in about 3 weeks, i wanted to give myself a chance to practice and play with colored paper.  I think it turned out well.  My stuff always has a tendency to look unfinished, but with the colored paper that doesn’t happen as much.  

Again, The Yogscast is Great.  You’re Welcome

The Yogscast

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