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Last week i found out (on Facebook of course) that the Yogscast has been running a teeshirt design contest for the past umpteen days/weeks or so (i’m not really sure).  The prize being offered is actually something my husband needs but can’t afford right now.  SO, i said to myself ‘why don’t i make something and try to win it for him!’ It’s always a long shot with stuff like this, and frankly i never do that well in contests(like the majority of us) and tee design isn’t in my little circle of ‘stuff i do all the time’.  But i had a week sort of open and decided to try.  If anything else, its makes some pretty cool fan art.

Here are the two i came up with it this week.

Spiders? WHY!?!

Bunch of Squares

when i was done, i realized they looked like toast

testing out some colors

I’m not letting myself have expectations on my chances, but i had fun playing on my computer and made something i’m happy with.  You’re Welcome

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South Dakota was great! Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help me get there.  I will be keeping up my specials because there are still some bills that need covering from the trip and some people i would like to give back to; so if anyone feels so inclined and would like a drawing, just let me know!

Art wise, i have been a bit stuck. I’m in a weird place where i love caricatures but i need some kind of an evolution.  My work is ready for the next step towards being even more proficient.  I’ve been playing around with different things and wanted to try something quick and super cute for a change.  and Voila! They aren’t amazing stylistically speaking, but i just wanted something fun. You’re Welcome


Jordan and i!


My brother and his wife, Amy


My Mom and Dad!


My friends Josh and Skippy with their little boy Tuck-Star!


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My husband and I have been on the edge of our seats for the movie Prometheus since we saw our first teaser trailer months ago. In preparation, I really wanted to come up with a neato shirt design that I could screen print and wear to the premiere.
With that said, I don’t normally finish any bigs projects I set out to do, but I made sure this was the exception. The result was a few orders and matching mother-daughter fan shirts to wear at the opening at midnight!
As for the movie, I enjoyed it a lot, but it did contain a lot of holes and left a lot of questions. Nothing that I’m going to go. But I did want to share the shirts in action!

I was so glad my mom went with me :)
You’re Welcome

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