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Celebrity caricature is not what i often do, but this week, having exhausted my drawing ideas i thought to myself ‘why the heck not.’ Jordan and i had an itch for comedy one night, and being a big fan of zach galifianakis, we popped onto netflix and watched his stand up special at the Purple Onion because that’s all Netflix had.  For shame Netflix.  Of course, only seconds in, i was in stitches and Jordan had trouble breathing.  Composing myself, my brain flashed with inspiration and the sketches for zach’s face went underway.  The piece i did is in ink and watercolor. And Zach, i know you’ll like it. Thanks for being brilliant.

Zach Galifianakis at the Purple Onion. He was drunk for the whole thing, don't let anyone tell you otherwise

And i didn’t know this, but Zach Galifianakis is 42.  I know he doesn’t look 42, but he is.  Blew my mind.

adorable (www.imdb.com)

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Thanks to the internet and a community of artist friends, my artist’s block was slightly lifted for the past two days.  I sent out a general plea for some silly ideas and two people came through.  I’m starting to feel that networking isn’t as cracked up as people make it seem.  One post in a sea of millions and i expect results?! Kinda seems fruitless to even share on my blog, but even if its only me reading and benefitting then i think it’s worth it.  Back on Topic, I drew both ideas that were presented.  The first was a cartoon crossover, which reminded me that i needed to draw this idea for a ren and stimpy drawing of my friends Nick Mitchell and Sean Gardner.  The second one came from Jared stokes, an avid Dinosaur lover, and he wanted to see a pachycephalosaurus head-butting a shark in the face.

They are such a cute couple

Dolphins are cooler anyway

I have too much fun

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Having mostly caricature friends,  we tend to spend much of our times together coming up with  jokes, copious amounts of laughter, doodling, and discussing our ideas on life and the universe.  As lofty as this makes us sound, many times it all comes back around to a dirty joke and comic book characters.  This comic is a product of one such friend session.  We think it was Ashleigh.

And Jordan needs me to mention that he came up with the joke.  Which he did.  Which is why i married him.

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