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I love drawing my caricaturist friends because for some reason they possess some of the most interesting faces. Maybe owning a fun face gives us the right to make fun of everyone else, or maybe we look at each so much that we just think we are funny looking,We will never really know.

This past week ended the Georgia National Fair which we worked for 10 days with some fun people. I drew a much needed picture of Krystal, and pictures of Jeff and Alani out of boredom and facial curiosity. In order of appearance are Krystal, Alani, and Jeff. I forgot to take reference pics of Alani so you will just have to take my word for it. Krystal won’t let me take a picture of her so the best I could do is the one above. I know i dropped the ball this time…my bad





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We did two shows with the California Boys in Timonium, MD and York, PA, both of which happened within the last month or so. Honestly, I could check the actual show dates, but dates don’t much matter and days just seem to run into each other anyway these days so specifics seems superfluous.

What pushed the fun factor for these two shows over the top for me was that the ride company hires almost exclusively from south Africa which opened up huge doors for us in terms of cross cultural relations. I was surprised at our similarities and relished in our differences. All of them spoke English and Aricanse ( a variation on Dutch) and Gerard told us that his brother rides a giraffe to school, his mother takes an elephant to work, and his father chops up black people and feeds him to his tiger (obviously extreme sarcasm in response to constant comments about not being black even though he is from africa). The guys were a constant source of entertainment for us and super friendly. I had the pleasure of drawing four of them, two of which I have pictures of.
This guy wanted to be a giraffe, cuz that’s what everyone called him.


The next one is of Dean. He stopped by our stand a lot at the York show. Mostly out of boredom

Last but not least, here is a double black and white sketch from that show.



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