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Still settling in after 2 hard months of travel.  And yes, its been two weeks since then, but Thanksgiving was in there so half that rest doesn’t count.  I think so anyway.

Our awesome caricature friends in Japan, Chihiro and Kuni, as Jordan and i to do a caricature of Tommy Lee Jones for an exhibition they are holding later this December.  Of course i agreed to do it with a hardy “Heck Yes!”

I present Tommy Lee Jones: Space Cowboy.  You’re Welcome


Ride em Red Rocket


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If i were to show you a caricature….let me rephrase that…If i were to let you Buy me Dinner; Would you be grateful?  Okay, so those weren’t his exact words, but my family reads this sometimes and i like to keep it PG for their sake when i can help it.

I’ve been on a bit of a Nicolas Cage bender recently after watching one of his classics Face/Off.  He just keeps getting better with every view he gets!  I just can’t understand why people can’t get into him as an actor (bit of sarcasm with love).  Here is my rendition of Nick Cage inspired by his Face/Off role as Castor Troy.  You’re Welcome

I could eat a Peach for Hours

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I know i promised South Dakota pics, but those will have to wait because there are many more pictures i need to share.  Today’s pic is a cutesie version of Journey. I drew this for the front of a Graduation card and felt it appropriate.  You’re Welcome


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I know its a bit late and i’m not much for sappiness, but Maurice Sendak will be greatly missed for so many reasons.  Thanks

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As some of you know, i’m a fairly big Minecraft fan.  In my infancy as such, i trolled the youtubes looking for videos of amazing builds, maps, mods, redstone creations, and anything else that sent my heart a twitter.  I came across the Yogscast and their Minecraft antics on the Survival map.  Needless to say, i was hooked.  Not to sound too creepy, but i probably will because that’s how these things usually go, but i started to watch all of their videos while i worked.  First the Minecraft videos, and then onto videos of games i’ve never played or even heard of.  Simon and Lewis, of course, are the ‘go to’ couple to listen to.  And though its a bit silly, i always anticipate an explosion or a random fire when Simon wanders off screen somewhere, and of course chuckle every time.   Just last week though, i was hooked to the “Condemned, Criminal Origins (crinimal oranges)” series that Simon and Hannah played together.  For a few days after, i found myself entering dark hallways saying “Hello? Is Any-body here?” and making sure there was always a conduit nearby just in case, but i always hoped for the fire axe.

If you haven’t watched them on Youtube, you should.  It’s ALWAYS good for a laugh if you love or appreciate video games in any way.

Of course, because of my small obsession as of late, they inspired me to do yet another Minecraft sketch, but this time, featuring Simon, Lewis, and special guest Hannah adventuring in Minecraftia.  Thank you Yogscast for the entertainment!  No one does it quite like you guys.


“i think its a trap”

You’re Welcome

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At one point in my life, i decided it was necessary to memorize the entirety of “Baby Got Back”.  I want to go back in time and shake my hand.  It was a good idea.

Today’s sketch is the man behind, around, and on top of the booty.  You’re Welcome


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Jordan and i are busy getting our minds blown today by the amount of people who have already backed his book on Kickstarter!  We noticed that one of the backers came from someone who visited my blog, and to that person, i thank you.  It’s only been two days and we are already out of his hand bound books, with the exception of the ones saved for the highest backers.  Needless to say, our faith in humanity has been restored.  Plus, he is amazing and completely deserves this moment in the spotlight. I will continue to give you all updates as the project continues and I hope that if you haven’t at least visited his Kickstarter page, go there and enjoy looking at the pictures and please like and share if you feel so inclined (or maybe even back the project if you feel like it)!

Alright, alright, i’ll shush about the project for now.  I just know you’ll be sick of hearing me talk about it, but its just so exciting! Please stick with me for the long haul.

As promised, here is a Celebrity Caricature of the cast of How I Met Your Mother.  I watched all 6 seasons on Netflix in the period of three weeks.  I have no shame.  You’re Welcome


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