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My husband is super busy designing games and doing whatever work he needs to do, so i have taken it upon myself to take over the comics over at AngryandMad.com ! The comic updates every Tuesday, of which i will probably post here in conjunction with it going up on the site.  We still don’t have all the sites working perfectly together yet, and its a bit annoying but i think we will manage for now.  Maybe someday we will get our stuff together.  You’re Welcome


If a Tree Falls

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A caricature group that i’m with on Facebook do weekly competitions of subjects ranging from superstars to your favorite cartoon show you watched growing up.  Our objective: draw the subject in our own style and as crazy as possible!  A few weeks ago, the subject was the Sunday Funnies; and i chose Garfield!

I grew up on Garfield.  He was the first comic i ever read and was the reason i developed an interest in comics and cartoons in the first place.  When i was in first grade, i found Volumes 2-4 of Garfield’s comics in a stack of old stuff in my parents attic.  I didn’t quite understand all the jokes and thought maybe i wouldn’t be allowed to read them so i read them by night light :)

Enough about my kiddie stories; Here’s part 1 of my Garfield submissions.  You’re Welcome

so big!

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Hey all!
So much to say and so little people willing to read the whole thing. I’ll keep it short. I’ve been doing so much running around, fairs and travel and what-not, that i just have not felt like posting. Lucky for you, i’ll be picking it back up again. I’ll start with some Retail Caricatures and the lovely faces i had the pleasure of drawing! More to come and something new everyday, so stay tuned!

she had a great laugh

First one i did in MONTHS that i actually enjoyed


He was such a trip! This girl is a LUCKY girl :)


i laughed through most of this sketch


i like the energy of this sketch and i’m pretty sure he liked it too :)

Like i said, the plan is to post more often and get back into the WordPress Community, cuz frankly, i miss you guys.  You’re Welcome

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super cute family


the two older girls ran off which left these three souls to suffer through a photo shoot


i could not believe how much the mom loved this one

super fun couple




The first fairs of the season are always the roughest, sketch-wise.  I’m working with some amazing artists this season and know i’ll see a difference in the work I’m producing; for the better of course.  No promises on the consistency of my postings!  But i will try to keep up with newer and cooler pictures that i do.  You’re Welcome



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My trip to South Dakota was absolutely incredible.  It’s not often i am given the opportunity to revel in the light of so many stars untouched by city lights.  On a side note, i’m thankful to those who helped me get there.  With that said here are two more drawings done of friends who chipped in to make my trip possible.


I still have expenses from the trip and some people i would like to pay back so i will keep my donation page up for awhile longer.  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow from the trip for your enjoyment.  You’re Welcome

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South Dakota was great! Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help me get there.  I will be keeping up my specials because there are still some bills that need covering from the trip and some people i would like to give back to; so if anyone feels so inclined and would like a drawing, just let me know!

Art wise, i have been a bit stuck. I’m in a weird place where i love caricatures but i need some kind of an evolution.  My work is ready for the next step towards being even more proficient.  I’ve been playing around with different things and wanted to try something quick and super cute for a change.  and Voila! They aren’t amazing stylistically speaking, but i just wanted something fun. You’re Welcome


Jordan and i!


My brother and his wife, Amy


My Mom and Dad!


My friends Josh and Skippy with their little boy Tuck-Star!


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Yes, Jordan and i have been working hard to get stuff ready for Angry and Mad, and Yes, my hands, wrist, and back are feeling the long hours put in over my illustration desk, and Yes, i haven’t eaten in hours, BUT that hasn’t stopped me from jumping onto Minecraft, breeding some cats and pigs (respectively), killing dozens of mobs, befriending a wolf, and subsequently getting lost in a jungle because i got too caught up jumping around on the vines.  On a side note, that was a really long sentence.  Possibly a run on.  Okay, probably a run on. You’re Welcome

i can't tell how many times i've dug straight into a lava pool.

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