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Hey all!
So much to say and so little people willing to read the whole thing. I’ll keep it short. I’ve been doing so much running around, fairs and travel and what-not, that i just have not felt like posting. Lucky for you, i’ll be picking it back up again. I’ll start with some Retail Caricatures and the lovely faces i had the pleasure of drawing! More to come and something new everyday, so stay tuned!

she had a great laugh

First one i did in MONTHS that i actually enjoyed


He was such a trip! This girl is a LUCKY girl :)


i laughed through most of this sketch


i like the energy of this sketch and i’m pretty sure he liked it too :)

Like i said, the plan is to post more often and get back into the WordPress Community, cuz frankly, i miss you guys.  You’re Welcome

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super cute family


the two older girls ran off which left these three souls to suffer through a photo shoot


i could not believe how much the mom loved this one

super fun couple




The first fairs of the season are always the roughest, sketch-wise.  I’m working with some amazing artists this season and know i’ll see a difference in the work I’m producing; for the better of course.  No promises on the consistency of my postings!  But i will try to keep up with newer and cooler pictures that i do.  You’re Welcome



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I know i promised South Dakota pics, but those will have to wait because there are many more pictures i need to share.  Today’s pic is a cutesie version of Journey. I drew this for the front of a Graduation card and felt it appropriate.  You’re Welcome


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Hot Mess

This weekend was almost unbearable. I spent Friday and Saturday at a rinky dink little jazz fest in Harrisburg. Both myself and Julie spent most of our time trying not to die of boredom and heat exhaustion, in that order.
What saved this show was the people. There were some great guys across from us giving away free books, of which I found a scrabble dictionary, and the patrons walking around provided endless amounts of amusement with their barely there outfits and epic mullets. Julie and I both drew one of the book guys, jeremy, and here is the result. You’re Welcome



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Its not always Guns and Roses at the Fair.  Someone forgot to pump something out, which then began to leak, which led to a river flowing through our space giving us a front row seat to…whatever it was.  They fixed it; eventually.


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Familiar Face

I see Jordan all the time and I draw him all the time. The drawings I do though are based off of old ideas that I’ve found to work and his little cartoon that I find easy to draw. I was looking at Jordan today and saw something new and decided to try it out. Not a bad try. I think I’m onto something. You’re Welcome


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If you remember, last week i mentioned that i had booked myself into my own show, and it went smashingly!  The size was teeny weeny, and it seemed that only myself, the sand art lady, and the airbrush tattoo chick were managing any business out of the small crowd.  Jordan and I did some very fun drawings, half of which were Star Wars themed.

Why Star Wars?

The Empire decided to police the event, but apparently are also fans of the arts.  I had an AT-AT pilot rummaging through my art prints, Jawas were dancing to the music, Storm Troopers directed cars, and Hans Solo came disguised as a grave robber from Earth’s 1950’s.  I was then commissioned by the Empire to draw them.  It was quite the honor.  Jedis mingled around the area but they seemed too intimidated by Darth Vader to stir up any kind of rebellion in the people.  That day was the best day of the year 2012; so far.  You’re Welcome

Harrison seemed a bit confused on set

The Empire does care about its people

The Empire appreciates art

Keeping the Peace

Group Picture!

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