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I know i promised South Dakota pics, but those will have to wait because there are many more pictures i need to share.  Today’s pic is a cutesie version of Journey. I drew this for the front of a Graduation card and felt it appropriate.  You’re Welcome


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My trip to South Dakota was absolutely incredible.  It’s not often i am given the opportunity to revel in the light of so many stars untouched by city lights.  On a side note, i’m thankful to those who helped me get there.  With that said here are two more drawings done of friends who chipped in to make my trip possible.


I still have expenses from the trip and some people i would like to pay back so i will keep my donation page up for awhile longer.  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow from the trip for your enjoyment.  You’re Welcome

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I know its a bit late and i’m not much for sappiness, but Maurice Sendak will be greatly missed for so many reasons.  Thanks

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Hot Mess

This weekend was almost unbearable. I spent Friday and Saturday at a rinky dink little jazz fest in Harrisburg. Both myself and Julie spent most of our time trying not to die of boredom and heat exhaustion, in that order.
What saved this show was the people. There were some great guys across from us giving away free books, of which I found a scrabble dictionary, and the patrons walking around provided endless amounts of amusement with their barely there outfits and epic mullets. Julie and I both drew one of the book guys, jeremy, and here is the result. You’re Welcome



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