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I know i promised South Dakota pics, but those will have to wait because there are many more pictures i need to share.  Today’s pic is a cutesie version of Journey. I drew this for the front of a Graduation card and felt it appropriate.  You’re Welcome


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My trip to South Dakota was absolutely incredible.  It’s not often i am given the opportunity to revel in the light of so many stars untouched by city lights.  On a side note, i’m thankful to those who helped me get there.  With that said here are two more drawings done of friends who chipped in to make my trip possible.


I still have expenses from the trip and some people i would like to pay back so i will keep my donation page up for awhile longer.  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow from the trip for your enjoyment.  You’re Welcome

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I know its a bit late and i’m not much for sappiness, but Maurice Sendak will be greatly missed for so many reasons.  Thanks

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