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Okay, i missed it.  I saw that it was 11:58 and i exclaimed some things i care not to type while trying to get in a post for today in less than two minutes.  I know, it was a silly endeavor and i obviously was a little late. BUT, i’m not late by too terribly much so i consider it a small success.  Yay me!

All day i have been working to get ready my part of the Angry and Mad experience.  4 drawings down and 3 more to go before Sunday.  Part of that work, but not inclusive to Angry and Mad, was the completion of the tee shirt design for my old high school’s soccer team.  Didn’t turn out too bad. I would’ve rather have had outlined letters, but my gut told me they would tell me to do it the way i did in the end.  I don’t know if that made sense or not, i don’t really care, its late and you know what i probably mean….sort of… You’re Welcome


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