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The expo was a success!  I admit to being leery about spending the money on the booth space, but i heard much interest expressed in my services, some wedding related contacts made,  and have even booked an event with the nigh being still young.  And yes, “nigh” was intentional. And yes; Cost = Justified.

it was more spacious than it looked

The above is a photo of my cozy space during the expo.  I spent a lot of time figuring out how to make effective use of my space and what objects were essential to create a look for my space.  Obviously, i needed to draw (duh), but aside from that, i needed to make available information about my services which i realized i didn’t have.  The two days prior to the expo were spent preparing images and creating the scrapbook/portfolio along with the framed images and signs on the back wall. Once again, my efforts paid off and my stand looked pretty good.

After the booth set up and the expo was underway, the convention hall filled with brides to be and their lackeys ( hehehe).  The four hours began a little slow, but once that first person sat down in my chair i remained busy for the rest of the expo.  I was surprised at how many people stopped by to look at my work with their faces a-glow with wonder and excitement.  It’s no wonder why i love doing weddings.  Without being too terribly long winded about the whole thing, it was a great experience i will probably repeat next year now that i know what i’m doing.  This should prove to be a good year i think.

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The Best Wedding Showcase is this weekend at the Lancaster Host Resort, and boy am i excited! Just a little info about it, it’s a bridal expo that starts at noon on Sunday the 15th and ends at 4. There will be a fashion show at 2, freebies, and of course little old me! You can pre-register for the expo at:


Apparently, its the biggest bridal show in Lancaster, and from the looks of the vendor line-up, i’d say they are not pulling anyone’s leg!  After talking to Renee, the leading lady, i found out i am the first caricature artist to go to her event so i am taking full advantage of my uniqueness :)  While at the expo, i plan on doing some free sketches for the brides and possibly any grooms that show up, while showing off my wedding illustrations and gig sketches.  i even have a prize in the bucket for one lucky bride to win.  I’m not sure where my booth will be yet, but i’m sure the brides will find me just fine.  So, in short, i am very excited.

this is how much fun i think caricatures are

I look forward to meeting new people and maybe seeing some blushing brides i already know at this event.  I’ll post how it went on sunday night and show you some pictures!  Happy weekend to all and to all a good night!

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It’s Wedding Time

So i just got into the Best Wedding Showcase in Lancaster on the 15th in January and i am so excited! This will be my first wedding expo so i cannot wait to meet brides, moms, wedding planners, djs, and so many more. I love drawing at weddings so i’m hoping this exposure will help with that :)

Just to recap, i’m sure i’ve posted these pictures before, but i’m so excited that i’m going to go ahead and repost them, cuz who’s gonna stop me? No one… that’s who.

she was so pretty in her wedding dress

she was so pretty in her wedding dress

This bride and groom heard of my drawing at one of their friends’ weddings. They heard such great things and even gave me my own place to draw in. The guests were amazing and i had a blast! More wedding work to come

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Less than 2 weeks

I get married in less than 2 weeks! Jordan and I both decided that we wanted to cut costs wherever possible which turned out to be an amazing opportunity to show off our creativeness. His mom, April, has been a phenomenal help in this respect. She has come up with so many wonderful ideas that are really going to help bring this wedding together.
On my end, I have been riffling through my fair share of bridal magazines and read a great article where the whole wedding was decorated with DIY paper flowers. So i decided to do paper flowers for centerpieces and bouquets also. Our colors are yellow and red ,with all colors in between, which led me to the scrapbooking section to find those colors in bulk. At michael’s, I found this lovely stack of card stock that i have now used for all parts of my wedding paper flowers

The centerpieces have been a bit of a challenge, mostly in the preliminary, not necessarily in the assembly. Myself and other Helpers cut out all the flowers by hand so they would each be unique. We cut small, medium, and large flowers which could then be mixed and matched when attached to the branches with ribbon and buttons. I loved the look I got! The flowers really make the wedding feel so much like home for me and the personal satisfaction of knowing I had a hand in decorations is very rewarding.




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