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Beautiful St. Pete Beach in Florida hosted the 20th annual International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA) Convention. We met. We drew. We laughed. We got pasty from being indoors 3 days straight. It was great.

I didn’t take home anything this year, but i felt my work has really improved.

Lar Desouza as a centaur.


Bippy the flying caricature artist

Derek Brennan stars in the Neverending Story

Marvin from Germany!

Alberto Gonzalez dripping spittle in his cute angel garb
Jared Stokes getting steamed at a Creeper

Adorable Shoko

The Glow, it mesmerizes...

The Convention was absolutely amazing, mostly because of the people i got to spend it with. Cuz i get by with a little help from my friends, OOOOOOOOOOO! (just sing it in your head and it should make more sense)

They love me so much!

Next year the convention is in San Antonio. Awesome.

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My bucketlist consists of simple things. Get published, travel to exotic worlds, and jump out of a plane. This week while working the Volusia Co Fair, I had the opportunity to go to Skydive Deland with some friends from the fair. This price was right and the hours worked out to my advantage allowing me to go. Plus, my husband was super supportive. Without going into too much detail, it was the most amazing experience of my life!


I will be posting the videos from that in about 2 weeks onto YouTube after I edit them together. It would be sooner but I have ISCA Convention this coming week.

Speaking of conventions. Yesterday was the last day of the volusia co. Fair, and I have got to say I did some work that makes me feel confident and ready for this week.








I’m pretty sure I made this last one cry. I see it as a good thing

And finally, here is more cuteness


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