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Please be MINEcraft

Just in time for Valentine’s day.  If you have a special someone who geeks out over Minecraft as much as you do, i hope you throw a love potion at them, hop around for a bit, and then explode….with happiness of course.  You’re Welcome


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As some of you know, i’m a fairly big Minecraft fan.  In my infancy as such, i trolled the youtubes looking for videos of amazing builds, maps, mods, redstone creations, and anything else that sent my heart a twitter.  I came across the Yogscast and their Minecraft antics on the Survival map.  Needless to say, i was hooked.  Not to sound too creepy, but i probably will because that’s how these things usually go, but i started to watch all of their videos while i worked.  First the Minecraft videos, and then onto videos of games i’ve never played or even heard of.  Simon and Lewis, of course, are the ‘go to’ couple to listen to.  And though its a bit silly, i always anticipate an explosion or a random fire when Simon wanders off screen somewhere, and of course chuckle every time.   Just last week though, i was hooked to the “Condemned, Criminal Origins (crinimal oranges)” series that Simon and Hannah played together.  For a few days after, i found myself entering dark hallways saying “Hello? Is Any-body here?” and making sure there was always a conduit nearby just in case, but i always hoped for the fire axe.

If you haven’t watched them on Youtube, you should.  It’s ALWAYS good for a laugh if you love or appreciate video games in any way.

Of course, because of my small obsession as of late, they inspired me to do yet another Minecraft sketch, but this time, featuring Simon, Lewis, and special guest Hannah adventuring in Minecraftia.  Thank you Yogscast for the entertainment!  No one does it quite like you guys.


“i think its a trap”

You’re Welcome

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Yes, Jordan and i have been working hard to get stuff ready for Angry and Mad, and Yes, my hands, wrist, and back are feeling the long hours put in over my illustration desk, and Yes, i haven’t eaten in hours, BUT that hasn’t stopped me from jumping onto Minecraft, breeding some cats and pigs (respectively), killing dozens of mobs, befriending a wolf, and subsequently getting lost in a jungle because i got too caught up jumping around on the vines.  On a side note, that was a really long sentence.  Possibly a run on.  Okay, probably a run on. You’re Welcome

i can't tell how many times i've dug straight into a lava pool.

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Somehow, i convinced my husband to let me get a tree to decorate for Christmas. And by Convince, i mean i went out and got a live tree, took it home, and decorated it ( don’t worry, i had his blessing). The tree is a gorgeous Norfolk pine that stands only about 3.5 feet tall and has the softest of needles.

On a side note, Home Depot, along with other home improvement stores, felt that this beautiful tree was not attractive enough by itself leading them to spray the entire pine tree in Spray Glitter…. Idiots. I’m sorry that nature isn’t breathtaking enough for you.

Okay…so maybe i’m a tad hypocritical for hanging lights on my tree and dangling silly ornaments from its limbs, but i’m fairly sure that neither of those things interfere with a plants ability to BREATHE.

An awkward segway later, I decided on a Minecraft theme for the tree of course then proceeded to go out and get me some diamond colored balls and printed Minecraft iconography to hang from my lovely pine.

I didn't even hear it coming...i turn and there it was....on my tree...

It's rare to find Gold this high up

Our lovely Norfolk pine all dressed up with nowhere to go

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