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Like i said before, this is my busy season so posts will be sporadic at best till probably December (Sorry!), but i’ll do my best to post when i can.

Now that the PSA is out of the way; I was at two of my closest friends’ wedding this past weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN!  It had Ponies and LOTR references and great songs for dancing!  Recently i’ve been having fun doing Cutie-catures, so for their wedding, i drew them one!

The whole Family

Lauren and Brian as Ponies. Nuff said :)

You’re Welcome

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super cute family


the two older girls ran off which left these three souls to suffer through a photo shoot


i could not believe how much the mom loved this one

super fun couple




The first fairs of the season are always the roughest, sketch-wise.  I’m working with some amazing artists this season and know i’ll see a difference in the work I’m producing; for the better of course.  No promises on the consistency of my postings!  But i will try to keep up with newer and cooler pictures that i do.  You’re Welcome



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