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A Fair weekend it was

Jordan and I traveled down to Maryland for their state fair in hopes of making our first bucks as a married couple. The hurricane put a small damper on those hopes, but the week is still young and full of promise. We are working with friends Jared and Jeff for the affair, which has given me the chance to finally draw the two. Jared was lucky number one. Jeff will have his day



Here are two of my favorite sketches so far. The first is the happiest woman I have ever met. Her name is Susie and she loves life, and it shows



And lastly, these two waited patiently while a large ornery woman cut in front of them and then turned out to be the epitome of everything we artists despise in a customer. The two girls were so awesome that I made sure to add lots of extra love to their faces.



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Back to the Grindstone i guess. The wedding was amazing and the place looked absolutely georgous! I am a happily married woman who must now deal with going back out on the road and away from my home for longer than i would like to admit. I do love my work, but traveling becomes a lot less glamorous the more you are forced to do it.

I was going to post pictures from the wedding, but i think i will do that while i’m on the road since my ipad is chock full of wedding pictures! I was drawing and painting the past few days and wanted to share the fruits of my labor from that. So, without further ado, i present nameless faerie in nameless field.

field faerie

If anyone has a good name for her, i'm actually interested in knowing about it

I’m working on my own website at the moment. It is terribly designed, so forgiveness is in order once it’s up. On the sunny side however, i do plan on making it my own in the near future, which means it will not stay crappy forever. Once that is up, i will let you know :)

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