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I had the pleasure this show of working with two caricature artists, ty jones and chris chua, whose work I really admire. One of the aspects of their work that I wish to emulate more is their composition and their ability to create larger than life caricatures. So this week, with the thought of largeness in my head, i waited for the right faces to practice on.
The first is a Mother and daughter. The little girl had this crazy Muppet kind of face that reminded me of the dutchess’s baby in the Alice in wonderland miniseries awhile back. Best rendition of Alice so far I might add.


This guy was also part of this family, which was great cuz when I get on a roll, I like to have customers around that already love what I’ve been doing which makes me feel I can get away with anything.




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Here at the San Antonio rodeo, the business isn’t that great but the customers sure are! I’ve had the best of luck having customers that are fun loving and ready for a messed up face. These two drawings in particular were just a GOOD TIME. My customers lately have been phenomenal and most of the time, the sketches reflect that. Awesome person, awesome caricature.


This second guy was at least a million feet tall! He didn’t say that I would need two pages for his face ,which some people announce before they even get in the chair, but I felt it warranted the second slice of paper. Totally worth it.




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Today’s journey to work took 54 minutes longer than usual. Needless to say, my day did not start off on the right foot, and it was shaping up to be a long one.
But every dark cloud has a silver lining, as they say, and my sunshine came in the form o some great customers. What a rare occasion it is to have Customers that are not only good sports, but liked them so much that they kept coming back to let me have more fun with their faces.
Here are two families who really lit up my life! The first was an aunt and uncle along with their adorable nephew. I saw them at three separate times during he day, which I’m sure was on purpose so they could evenly spread their awesomeness throughout my day.



This girl was with two people we had drawn the day before. I had drawn the mom and she loved hers. She thought it was so funny and had the most wonderful laugh! When the girl was getting hers done, the mom just could not contain her laughter. Music to my ears

Her daughter had the same laugh. It was great

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This was done for my new pal Kim who works at the fair. Her friend is obsessed with hello kitty and she wanted a sexy valentine’s day version, which got me to thinking, why not make a Lara Croft Tomb Raider version of Hello Kitty. Instant sex appeal. Although, I will admit that the boobs weird me out a bit.

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Almost every artist we work with loves their work and always finds ways to push themselves to new levels. What makes retail caricature a great artistic experience is that we are in a unique position to constantly play and get pointers from our fellow caricaturists. I think the last time most artists had that kind of art support was in college when you were forced to create in the same space for a few hours.
Since we have such an environment to truly create with our peers, why not take it to the next step? ‘What step is that’ you are asking while taking the next bite of your tasty cake?
Collaborative Caricature.
Chris Chua is currently coming up with many permutations on how to do this, but as it stands we have already tried it a few different ways. For example, one customer sits down and each artist draws her on the same slice of paper, or a couple sits down and each artist draws one of them and then switches easels to complete the drawing. And so on and so on.




The first three three drawings were done with Chris Chua and myself.
This last one was a collab between me and Ty Jones and was almost a reject, but Ty Jones saved the day with his sweet talk.

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After two days of travel, one very lovely day in my favorite city of new Orleans, and beautiful friends along the way, my husband and I found ourselves on the last leg of our journey to Texas.
We witnessed first hand what the next generation of terminators will be…

“the T 1080”
…enjoyed the most delicious French toast I have ever encountered (this one is for you Stacy Pierce)…

…and finally, after 10 hours finishing up our trek to San Antonio, exhausted from the drive and looking forward to relaxing with friends, Jordan and I walk into our home for the next 3 weeks…

“there were socks….. EVERYWHERE”

And a comment for all of you out there dreaming of a life on the road as an artist… Go ahead and delude yourself to think its all glitz and glamour complete with its own set of privacy and personal space. Honey, in this line of work, it doesn’t happen. Not until I get rich and famous anyway!
And finally, as a side note; boys are pigs.

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Another trip approaches and with that comes sorrow and excitement simultaneously.  On one hand, this past month or so have been an amazing opportunity to revamp the website with a new design, start a twitter, and draw my little butt off!  On the other hand, this trip is bringing with it amazing people like Ty Jones, Chris Chua, Cassie Tarr, Tony Sobota, Jared Layser, and Mr. Cory Lally.  This fair is going to be amazing!  Chua is already talking about collaborative live sketches with us and of course, this is a fantastic opportunity for me to sponge and grow from some really amazing talent.  So stoked.

Before i left, my brain needed to spew one last thought onto some bristol.  I have hopes of possibly coloring this piece digitally as well, but until then, i settled for more practice with my Prismacolor markers.  My personal homage to the show that began my and my husband’s relationship, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to Thee…Futurama

"Scruffy believes in this company."


For the next few weeks, i’ll be focusing on live sketches and doodles and whatever else us group of artists can come up with.  So EXCITED!


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