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Today, I’ve been a little off on my drawing game. Not in a bad way, and I know everyone but chris Chua will disagree, but my sketches have not been up to snuff lately. Maybe its the weather messing with my brain, lack of sleep, or the high percentage of corn syrup in my birthday cupcakes. Whatever the reason, I haven’t been too happy with my sketches. The quality isn’t there and the exaggeration is “meh.” “Plateaued” would be a good word to describe where I am at the moment. It’s like when Homer planted the Powersauce flag in the mountain, only to realize that there’s a LOT more mountain.
With that said, today, I didn’t care. I just wanted these people out of my chair AS FAST AS POSSIBLE cuz I am done drawing. I took on this mentality quite early in the day. Not good.
Funny things happen when you stop caring. Stop caring what they want: stop caring how it turns out: just stop caring. A switch in my brain flipped, one that hasn’t done so in a few days. The caricature switch.
I drew a bit differently than I usually do and I’m happy with the results, for once. Here are two pretty silly drawings I feel worthy to post.



I really messed with the girl in this picture. First, I told her I won’t draw her pretty. Then, I would smile and giggle at her randomly. And THEN, I told her she could eat, she told me not to put the food in, and then I put the food in. She didn’t even know what to say but when she saw the picture, the laughter was endless. The artist always knows best. You’re Welcome

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