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My brain is pretty fried thanks to Netflix and the original Star Trek, which is amazing BTDubs. AND, i’m pretty distracted by the fact that my husband updated our Minecraft server and it glitched out all of my animals that i worked so hard to find, tame, and corral.  AND i had to bury an adorable baby bunny yesterday because my parents’ dog thought it was a tasty snack.  AND i have 9 commissions due by Monday.  AND i have no ambition to work. *sigh*

Today i thought would be a good day to show you my sketch process and general work station.  I wouldn’t bother copying it though because i lose and misplace just about everything in my workspace. i’ll be using a pencil one minute, and the next i’m all like “Jordan, where’s my pencil?” and he’s all “I don’t know, weren’t you just usin’ it?” and i’m all “Yeah.”  And that’s how that goes. You’re Welcome

This is where the magic happens

some face studies

some creature design


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The challenge this week for the facebook group i frequent is “Famous Paintings.” What that means is that many amazing artists (caricature and otherwise) will be creating a new spin on artwork that we have all seen ‘ad naseum’ (i’m pretty sure that phrase isn’t right) and practically could point out with our eyes covered by two blue macaws just trying to earn a few dollars to get their eggs into the country.

I chose Whistlers mother for two reasons:

1. the painting has a quiet elegance about it.  Its not loud and the color palette is pleasing to me.  Beauty in simplicity.

2. i think its funny when a painter’s study in a subject is the one the general populace remembers, and not the ones the studies were done for. (Don’t quote me or get mad; my art history is pretty rusty and i’m just making a blank assumption based on the title of the piece. I’m too tired to do the research right now)

And, just to refresh your memory, here is a picture of the painting and following that is the sketch i drew up based on it. Hopefully, i’ll have the finished by tomorrow.  You’re Welcome

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“Should we get the color?”

“It’s all a matter of preference,” I tell them.

“Hmmmmm, I think we go color then, it look better.”

Inside, all I say is Nuts.
I really don’t mind color, but if I’m tired, or it’s cold out my desire drops to zero. In cold weather, the color sticks are hard and won’t stick,and I have to press 4 times harder to make a mark on the daggum paper. In general, it’s just tiring. Dot get me wrong, sometimes I love to color, but this post is for all those times when I… well… Don’t. I dedicate this last post of Live Caricature Week to the Black and White sketches I did this week The title is derived from the first posted sketch. Michael Jackson didn’t die, he made the change he always wanted.

A small disclaime; some do have limited color, but I feel they still count. You’re Welcome














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