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Somehow, i convinced my husband to let me get a tree to decorate for Christmas. And by Convince, i mean i went out and got a live tree, took it home, and decorated it ( don’t worry, i had his blessing). The tree is a gorgeous Norfolk pine that stands only about 3.5 feet tall and has the softest of needles.

On a side note, Home Depot, along with other home improvement stores, felt that this beautiful tree was not attractive enough by itself leading them to spray the entire pine tree in Spray Glitter…. Idiots. I’m sorry that nature isn’t breathtaking enough for you.

Okay…so maybe i’m a tad hypocritical for hanging lights on my tree and dangling silly ornaments from its limbs, but i’m fairly sure that neither of those things interfere with a plants ability to BREATHE.

An awkward segway later, I decided on a Minecraft theme for the tree of course then proceeded to go out and get me some diamond colored balls and printed Minecraft iconography to hang from my lovely pine.

I didn't even hear it coming...i turn and there it was....on my tree...

It's rare to find Gold this high up

Our lovely Norfolk pine all dressed up with nowhere to go


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