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Yes, the H is intentional.  Watch king of the Hill and you’ll understand.  Oddly enough, we referenced the show about a million times while in San Antonio and never watched the show once.  Wanted to though, just never did.

Speaking of San Antonio, i came across some photos to share involving myself and the California Boys, which i will share, which i’m doing now, but once you read this i will no longer be doing it.  Weird.

We went to a place called Mi Tierra in the heart of San Antonio.  A magical place covered in colorful lights and pinatas filled with delicious tacos.  All i have to say is that i’m very sick of eating at chain restaurants, so anytime we can go somewhere local, the experience is instantly better.

it was a good time

jordan really thought so

And of course, here are two of the more adorable caricatures i did in San Antonio

Tomorrow, i bring you Tim and Eric: horses in the wind

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Here at the San Antonio rodeo, the business isn’t that great but the customers sure are! I’ve had the best of luck having customers that are fun loving and ready for a messed up face. These two drawings in particular were just a GOOD TIME. My customers lately have been phenomenal and most of the time, the sketches reflect that. Awesome person, awesome caricature.


This second guy was at least a million feet tall! He didn’t say that I would need two pages for his face ,which some people announce before they even get in the chair, but I felt it warranted the second slice of paper. Totally worth it.




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Today’s journey to work took 54 minutes longer than usual. Needless to say, my day did not start off on the right foot, and it was shaping up to be a long one.
But every dark cloud has a silver lining, as they say, and my sunshine came in the form o some great customers. What a rare occasion it is to have Customers that are not only good sports, but liked them so much that they kept coming back to let me have more fun with their faces.
Here are two families who really lit up my life! The first was an aunt and uncle along with their adorable nephew. I saw them at three separate times during he day, which I’m sure was on purpose so they could evenly spread their awesomeness throughout my day.



This girl was with two people we had drawn the day before. I had drawn the mom and she loved hers. She thought it was so funny and had the most wonderful laugh! When the girl was getting hers done, the mom just could not contain her laughter. Music to my ears

Her daughter had the same laugh. It was great

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