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I did this weeks Angry and Mad comic on Jordan’s site.  It was inspired by the Buy One Get One signs in stores and their sometimes ludiocrisy.  That’s right, i made a new word for the occasion.  You’re Welcome


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First of all, apologies to all for my being absent from the blog scene for a few days.  I’ve been working on the nine commissions you got a preview of in my last post.  I am happy to report that they are all completed and i will share them all next week with you after the recipients have seen them.  I know the odds are slim that the ballplayers would actually visit my blog and spoil it for themselves, but i’m not willing to take that chance.  Leave a little mystery.

I know i’ve mentioned this before, but my husband, Jordan W. Martin,  has been working on a book for the past few years and has finally put everything together in the past month.  Its called “Yesterday Brings Today” and it is ready to go, we are just looking for some help to get his book published.  We are so excited for this because it is, hopefully, the first of many books to be published through his company Right After Then.  Its a beautiful book that i can’t wait to see in print.

Please visit, share, donate (if you wanna), like his Kickstarter page.  As you all know, a little exposure goes a long way.

Away from Here, and Far from There

And, because i love to show you my work too, here’s something from 3 years ago that i pulled from the archives.  You’re Welcome


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My brain is pretty fried thanks to Netflix and the original Star Trek, which is amazing BTDubs. AND, i’m pretty distracted by the fact that my husband updated our Minecraft server and it glitched out all of my animals that i worked so hard to find, tame, and corral.  AND i had to bury an adorable baby bunny yesterday because my parents’ dog thought it was a tasty snack.  AND i have 9 commissions due by Monday.  AND i have no ambition to work. *sigh*

Today i thought would be a good day to show you my sketch process and general work station.  I wouldn’t bother copying it though because i lose and misplace just about everything in my workspace. i’ll be using a pencil one minute, and the next i’m all like “Jordan, where’s my pencil?” and he’s all “I don’t know, weren’t you just usin’ it?” and i’m all “Yeah.”  And that’s how that goes. You’re Welcome

This is where the magic happens

some face studies

some creature design


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