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I’m Back!

After Long journeys that took me far and wide, i wearily rest my head on a pillow that i forgot to wash 3 weeks ago before my adventure began.  Smells like home!

I’m still at a huge loss for words as to what to share; mostly because there is way too much TO share.  So for now, let me just say that its good to be home and already i miss the friends i shared all those adventures with.  You’re Welcome

Chillin in NOLA


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Hey all!
So much to say and so little people willing to read the whole thing. I’ll keep it short. I’ve been doing so much running around, fairs and travel and what-not, that i just have not felt like posting. Lucky for you, i’ll be picking it back up again. I’ll start with some Retail Caricatures and the lovely faces i had the pleasure of drawing! More to come and something new everyday, so stay tuned!

she had a great laugh

First one i did in MONTHS that i actually enjoyed


He was such a trip! This girl is a LUCKY girl :)


i laughed through most of this sketch


i like the energy of this sketch and i’m pretty sure he liked it too :)

Like i said, the plan is to post more often and get back into the WordPress Community, cuz frankly, i miss you guys.  You’re Welcome

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Its not always Guns and Roses at the Fair.  Someone forgot to pump something out, which then began to leak, which led to a river flowing through our space giving us a front row seat to…whatever it was.  They fixed it; eventually.


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