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I was bad yesterday. I didn’t post. When i started this whole daily post thing, i thought it was a matter of wills to keep it up.  Like most people, giving up on things becomes second nature.  Missing just one post is a slippery slope….

Jordan and i just got back from Macon, Georgia.  We were drawing at their Cherry Blossom Festival which is toted as the Pinkest Party on Earth.  People flocked to the stage dressed in pinks that were pinker than the Cherry Blossoms, and if Cherry Blossoms are anything like Flamingoes, that is not a good sign. Regardless, there was good music, wacky getups, good people, and pink pancakes.  Everything you could ever want from a festival that celebrates flowers and the color pink.

Here are some highlights!

On Friday night, we experienced a very sudden storm complete with thunder, lightning, hail, cats, and dogs.  One of the tents failed to stake their operation to the ground and suffered the consequences.

Clearly, the trash cans have more training on intense situations than the rest of us.

Huff and Puff!

"did you see that!"

People love to bring their dogs to the park, and make them look as festive as they feel

but i think her pants are a little too big

And of course, the entertainment was mind blowing.  Kids performed, Bands played, People rapped….badly, and….

top athletes danced the dances of the exotic east

And did i mention that the people there were awesome? i’m pretty sure i did

wastin away again in MargaritaVille

they give the best tips

There you have it.  A great show, good times, crazy ensembles, and the greatest friends ( and one husband who also falls in that category) that a gal like me could ask for.  Until Next year Macon! You’re Welcome




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I love drawing my caricaturist friends because for some reason they possess some of the most interesting faces. Maybe owning a fun face gives us the right to make fun of everyone else, or maybe we look at each so much that we just think we are funny looking,We will never really know.

This past week ended the Georgia National Fair which we worked for 10 days with some fun people. I drew a much needed picture of Krystal, and pictures of Jeff and Alani out of boredom and facial curiosity. In order of appearance are Krystal, Alani, and Jeff. I forgot to take reference pics of Alani so you will just have to take my word for it. Krystal won’t let me take a picture of her so the best I could do is the one above. I know i dropped the ball this time…my bad





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