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So there’s this thing going around where we recognize the blogs we like and follow for all the hard work and awesomeness that is put into them.  I’ve been blogging for about a year now but didn’t care to be an active blogger till about a month ago when i decided it was time to get serious and put some work out there.  If anyone cares, Great!, and if not, atleast i developed a decent work ethic to push myself to produce stuff worth looking at.

To my surprise, fellow blogger, cartooner, and magician pal Eric nominated my blog for the award.  ‘Sweet’ was the first thing to pop into my head.  So without further ado, i must fulfill my obligations that come with this prestigiousness.

Some stuff you may not know about me

– i was born in California

– i went to college and have a teaching degree ( did it for 2 years and hated it)

– i’m a sci fi girl with geek-like tendencies

– Love zombies and very much believe the world would finally be united if only we had zombies

– i drink at least 3 cups of coffee a day

– i met the love of my life by complete random happenstances (he also arts and is amazing! please check him out Jordanwmartin.blogspot.com)

– i am completely obsessed with rabbits

Here are the 7 blogs i nominate for the Award. In no particular order of course

Eric’s Margins – his one panel cartoons make me laugh everytime, and he is one hell of a magician

Kitty is Not Amused – for her work , fun lists, and doodles in her art journal. it inspires me to keep creating

Looney Bull – For his amazing Wood Work

Eggshells – For her beautiful sketches of the figure

Sherry Kerry, Artist – for her fun multimedia work and unique style

the California Boys – for their entertaining posts about the people and artists they come across in their travels

I 365 Art – for her love of art and desire to teach everyone about how to do it

And just so this post is not completely devoid of something visual, here is a 10 minute drawing i did at the Drink and Draw at the Bethlehem Brew Works last night.  3 dollar taco plate along with a 3 dollar margarita…it was a good night.  You’re Welcome

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