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I just received a MASSIVE butt whooping in Carcassonne, courtesy of my loving husband.  He beat me so bad i have to leave the room while he tallied his score.  The chances are good for emotional bruises in the morning.

Aside from my scars, I’m very excited! Tomorrow i’m going to be manning my very own caricature booth at a Craft Show in Lancaster, PA!  The Occupational Development Center is having their annual Chicken BBQ/Craft Show and i got in (for pretty cheap :) ).  I even made up some art prints to sell.  If i happen to have leftovers of those, i will more than likely put them up for sale to help with my trip.

Let me now whisk you away to the 90’s, where pants with elastic were king and boom boxes were the size of a small pony.  There i sat, but a youth, in front of my television on Saturday morning, watching from the break of dawn until the infomercials started.  There, i saw and absorbed myself into worlds of mutated beings out to save the world from other mutated/alien beings.  Cowabunga Dudes

“Good thing too. I was TOTALLY hungry”

You’re Welcome

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