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My trip to South Dakota was absolutely incredible.  It’s not often i am given the opportunity to revel in the light of so many stars untouched by city lights.  On a side note, i’m thankful to those who helped me get there.  With that said here are two more drawings done of friends who chipped in to make my trip possible.


I still have expenses from the trip and some people i would like to pay back so i will keep my donation page up for awhile longer.  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow from the trip for your enjoyment.  You’re Welcome

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My fundraiser for my trip is going decently well.  Not as much interest as i was hoping thus far, but the night is young and i am still hopeful!  I plan on doing this offer through July, so there is still time to help out.  I atleast wanted to share with you the drawings i have done thus far.  The first was for Miss Ann Marquez!  Some of you might even follow her blog and read her musings.  She has a way with the words and was very kind to donate to my cause.  Thank you ANN!


The next one is an example of the Black and White option, and i’d like to Thank Janelle for donating!  Thank you!!!

There is still time to help me out and donate to get a totally awesome custom caricature or illustration!  If you have any questions, please email me alirthome@gmail.com

Also!  I’ll be offering 8×10 prints of my illustrations to help me with my trip as well.  If there is any artwork you like, such as any of the illustrations on my blog or celebrity caricatures that i post, i will send you a signed 8×10 print! Click on Help me Get to South Dakota if interested!

Thank you again for putting up with this, and please send anyone you think might be interested to my site.  I’ll be posting a bit more diligently now that a few of my big projects are out of the way.  Thank you again

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Ali’s PSA: Please Check out my new Page “Help Me Get to South Dakota!” and spread the word about it. I’m selling caricatures (for pretty cheap ;) ) to help me raise the money i need to go on my trip to South Dakota to volunteer on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.  Please help or send someone to the site who might be interested in a drawing from little ol’ me!

In other News, apologies for my absence on the blogosphere as of late.  Lots of amazing things have been going down at our house the past week.  First off, Jordan’s Kickstarter has tapered in backers, but we are still ecstatic over its success and the surprising support the book has gained.  Second, i booked myself into a crafts fair this Saturday where i will be doing caricatures and selling my illustrations and art prints.  Jordan will also be there of course!  And finally, i’m designing a logo for a new local band called the Blarney Stoned.  In short, i’m happy for the work and the opportunities i’ve been given and i hope they keep coming! My next task is to find a park i can draw in for tips to keep myself busy while not on the road during the summer.

Phew! Thanks for powering through that.  I know it was a lot, but it’s exciting to me and i felt like sharing.  So there!

And finally, I did the cartoon this week for the Angry and Mad site!  You’re Welcome

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