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After two days of travel, one very lovely day in my favorite city of new Orleans, and beautiful friends along the way, my husband and I found ourselves on the last leg of our journey to Texas.
We witnessed first hand what the next generation of terminators will be…

“the T 1080”
…enjoyed the most delicious French toast I have ever encountered (this one is for you Stacy Pierce)…

…and finally, after 10 hours finishing up our trek to San Antonio, exhausted from the drive and looking forward to relaxing with friends, Jordan and I walk into our home for the next 3 weeks…

“there were socks….. EVERYWHERE”

And a comment for all of you out there dreaming of a life on the road as an artist… Go ahead and delude yourself to think its all glitz and glamour complete with its own set of privacy and personal space. Honey, in this line of work, it doesn’t happen. Not until I get rich and famous anyway!
And finally, as a side note; boys are pigs.

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