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Sorry in advance, the title is slightly misleading. I could hear all the men’s hearts go a-flutter, but alas, the ladies below are not single. Use the trash can next to your desk to catch the falling pieces of your broken hearts.
This first girl I’ve drawn before. Twice with her partner in crime and once with her twin sister. I wish I had the other pictures on me so I could show everyone. It’s neat to see how I’ve improved since I started doing the fairs. The growth has been phenomenal to say the least. This time, she wanted me to draw her by herself. Hooray! Did I mention they collect caricatures?


When this woman came up asking to get one, immediately I could feel that this was going to be a reject no matter how “cute” I made her. She said every phrase in the book that makes me cringe inside as an artist. “make me look pretty” “don’t make my nose too big” “get my big eyelashes” “draw my hair nice without the fly aways” After which she ran around to EVERY reflective surface to check her hair and makeup. Luckily, one of the easels had not yet taken the plastic off of the palette, which apparently was enough to satisfy her need to look at herself. I just rolled my eyes and then had my head hit with pure inspiration. I knew what needed to be done. I turned to my friend Jeff and said “I’m going for a Reject.” She was going to anyway, might as well have the fun I want.


She bought it. You’re Welcome

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