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I cannot sing enough praise to Ryan Sohmer for giving us some amazing comics such as Least I Could Do, Looking for Group, The Gutters (of which i did a page for!), and titles still coming down the pike that of course, i will read also. He has a very real way of writing that anyone could fall for and connect with. One day, i will eat his heart to gain his rich, tasty courage.  But Not today.  Today, i draw him to capture his soul, which, for now, is close enough for me.

And i’m not going to lie, this page started as a Gutter’s page, but someone else beat me to the punch.  And even though i was not quick enough on the handle, i did the sketch for it anyway before getting the go ahead from the editor (i was so excited!, my bad none the less).  So i sat there, a bit disappointed, but holding the line work for a very fun caricature concept.  Inked and colored, and changing the list items, i pronounce it a finished celebrity caricature.  You’re welcome


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