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Jordan and i have a modest sized town house lawn.  We also have one of the old school lawn mowers that don’t require fuel to operate.  I’ve taken it upon myself to keep up with the lawn because, well, i need motivation to get outside and move sometimes. 

It rained a fairly good amount this past week.  The grass was wet, which means no mowing, even though it was clearly growing and getting larger by the minute.  By the time it was dry enough, i had a forest on my hands.  Just me and my Chopper vs. Grass that could eat me.  

You will all be happy to hear that i survived and came out the victor.  And as the Victor, it was my duty to create the history of this moment through pictures.  You’re Welcome


well, i won eventually

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A simple doodle for a beautiful day.  You’re Welcome

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I’ve been obsessing over twitter, facebook, wordpress page views and other social media lately because I feel, for some unknown reason, that just because I know I’m awesome means people should automatically feel my presence and want to follow me. Apparently the sheer act of being awesome is not enough to get people to follow you. The thought ALSO occurred to me that by focusing on social media, I will in-veritably neglect the furtherance of my own style. SO, what this means is that I will be starting a daily doodle to push myself to produce Produce PRODUCE.
Can you feel the Fervor, it’s quite palpable.
With that said, here’s my first daily doodle. It’s of our friends’ cat Gator licking himself. Your welcome.


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