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Let me start by acknowledging 2 people who recognized me on their sites for the blogging awards that float around the blogosphere.  I hate to say that i didn’t want to do all of the nominating and saying things about myself , but i do really appreciate it and it is a great honor to be recognized by your peers.  So thanks a million times, and if you haven’t checked out these two artists, i don’t know what you’re waiting for.  Ann Marquez and Whimsyink at Lestwentytwo: Thanks guys!

On to today’s Main event: a celebrity caricature of one of my favorite comedians, Patton Oswalt!  I love his work, his cynical take on the world, and of course his affection for all things comics and science fiction.  Like all little girls, i dream of one day shaking his hand and saying ‘hey’, but until that day i will be content to show my support by buying his albums and movies and seeing his face in every infant i draw.  He’s pretty awesome.

You’re Welcome


P.S. “My Weakness is Strong” kept me in stitches! Hilarious

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