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Thanks to the internet and a community of artist friends, my artist’s block was slightly lifted for the past two days.  I sent out a general plea for some silly ideas and two people came through.  I’m starting to feel that networking isn’t as cracked up as people make it seem.  One post in a sea of millions and i expect results?! Kinda seems fruitless to even share on my blog, but even if its only me reading and benefitting then i think it’s worth it.  Back on Topic, I drew both ideas that were presented.  The first was a cartoon crossover, which reminded me that i needed to draw this idea for a ren and stimpy drawing of my friends Nick Mitchell and Sean Gardner.  The second one came from Jared stokes, an avid Dinosaur lover, and he wanted to see a pachycephalosaurus head-butting a shark in the face.

They are such a cute couple

Dolphins are cooler anyway

I have too much fun

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