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New Work

This weekend helped to spurn an evaluation of Jordan and i’s current life situaion along with discussion on future goals for us. Long story short, the goal is to NOT travel so much to allow us more time at home so we can garden, keep bees, raise chickens, grow rabbits, etc… The goal is Sustainability, and that cannot happen when we are out on the road for 2 weeks out of every month. SO, this inspired me to get my butt crackin’ on some new random illustrations to work out problems such as backgrounds and process. Here are some of those successes :)

just some owls chillin'. i really like how the background turned out on this one


i think my favorite part is the tree

I am hoping to have new business cards up and running soon, some that will match the look i want to go for with my website. Oh! and the website is up and running, just the first draft but atleast there is something there.

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