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Taking some wise advice to heart, i decided not to post anymore wedding stuff till after the wedding on the off chance that someone attending the wedding will read this, thus spoiling the decorative surprise. Instead, i will regale all with tales of Asgard, a rainbow bridge, and the poor earthlings that Heimdall did not allow into the land of the gods.

Between our weekend in Buffalo and our week in Watertown, I somehow convinced Jordan to take me to Niagara Falls. Since Jordan has no passport (tsk tsk) we had to stay on the New York side of the Falls which turned out to be the most terrifying and sketchiest city I have EVER been too. I had my heart set on their wax museum cuz I had never been to one. At least not the kind with all the celebrities and famous people in them. This wax museum, however, will give me nightmares for probably the rest of my life. I took a bunch of pictures, but the creepiest was their interpretation of Mark Twain relaxing on his porch…

“I have candy in my lap kiddies…”

The falls themselves were a beautiful sight which we spent a lot of time at just people watching and feeling the mist on our faces. I couldnt help but marvel at the power.

Here I’m standing between the America falls and the Horseshoe falls.


So besides my envy of Canada, it’s cleanliness, and just overall better-ness, we had a wonderful and relaxing day between shows. And just to keep this about my artwork as well as my travels and goings ons, here are more sketches done at Queen of Heaven Festival in Buffalo, NY.



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