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I’m Back!

After Long journeys that took me far and wide, i wearily rest my head on a pillow that i forgot to wash 3 weeks ago before my adventure began.  Smells like home!

I’m still at a huge loss for words as to what to share; mostly because there is way too much TO share.  So for now, let me just say that its good to be home and already i miss the friends i shared all those adventures with.  You’re Welcome

Chillin in NOLA


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My brain is complete mush from watching episode after episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job with our besties Cassie and Chris, but I’m going to try to squeeze out a post about our time here in New Orleans. It won’t be long because most of my charm has been clouded with poop jokes, and one can only go so long without making a poop joke.
Highlights: Coop’s Place, Cafe Du Monde, Round Here Thrift, The bus, Bourbon street, Juan’s Flying Burrito, and Cassie’s super comfy couch.
We started our day looking for buttons at Round Here Thrift, at which there was none but when we returned the following day, buttons appeared and were accompanied by some books and a one dollar tee shirt. Good purchases were had by all. After a bit of bar hopping and a well worth it wait, we finally got a table at jordan and my favorite restaurant, Coop’s Place. The BEST jambalaya is made there, hands down, bar none, and so on. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Cafe Du Monde was the best way to end our evening in the French Quarter. It was midnight when we got there but luckily they stay open till three for all those people just hitting the bars. It was nice to just relax with a cup of coffee and sit in the cool night air. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

This city never disappoints. Although I still have yet to see a celebrity.
Some day… some day.

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After two days of travel, one very lovely day in my favorite city of new Orleans, and beautiful friends along the way, my husband and I found ourselves on the last leg of our journey to Texas.
We witnessed first hand what the next generation of terminators will be…

“the T 1080”
…enjoyed the most delicious French toast I have ever encountered (this one is for you Stacy Pierce)…

…and finally, after 10 hours finishing up our trek to San Antonio, exhausted from the drive and looking forward to relaxing with friends, Jordan and I walk into our home for the next 3 weeks…

“there were socks….. EVERYWHERE”

And a comment for all of you out there dreaming of a life on the road as an artist… Go ahead and delude yourself to think its all glitz and glamour complete with its own set of privacy and personal space. Honey, in this line of work, it doesn’t happen. Not until I get rich and famous anyway!
And finally, as a side note; boys are pigs.

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