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Like i said before, this is my busy season so posts will be sporadic at best till probably December (Sorry!), but i’ll do my best to post when i can.

Now that the PSA is out of the way; I was at two of my closest friends’ wedding this past weekend and it was SO MUCH FUN!  It had Ponies and LOTR references and great songs for dancing!  Recently i’ve been having fun doing Cutie-catures, so for their wedding, i drew them one!

The whole Family

Lauren and Brian as Ponies. Nuff said :)

You’re Welcome

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Sometimes, we come across something so brilliant, that we need to share it with everyone. I have found such a thing.
Last night, my friend Tim Reed was surfing the YouTubes and came across a whole bunch of “Fail” videos, one of which was about some pretty terrible tattoo situations. Nestled within these images however, was a piece a gold I will never be able to part from. Wolverine riding a My Little Pony

This design CLEARLY does not belong in a Fail video. If anything, the person should be hailed as a genius! It’s a beautiful mix between beauty and the beast, soft and rough, quick to anger and quick to hug.
Obviously, I had to doodle my own version. You’re Welcome


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