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I think i’m a glutton for punishment, but i’m still using the website where i originally ran into the problem with the website that used my picture without publishing permission.  I’m very careful to ask what the image is used for (most people will come right out and tell you because they don’t know diddly when it comes to rights and all that jazz), and that this price does not give them the right to publish.  I’ve gotten less messages and gigs so i assume that my warning has weeded out anyone that would even bother asking or trying to use the image in a way that would violate that.  I WILL FIND YOU

As for my bad run with the website who did use my image improperly, they finally apologized and at least gave me credit for the image on the website, which, in the end, is all i wanted out of that whole ordeal seeing as i was not clear in the first place about the usage of the image.  People see cheap stuff and they go nuts.  Also, i have decided that i will give them nothing more than the couple of dollars worth of work. Anytime more than that is time wasted and a slight to the industry.  

All any artist wants is to get their work out there and a lot of us start off by cheapening our work just so others will buy.  Keep in mind that when you price a piece of work, the buyer is not just paying for the time you spent on the piece, but also the hours and hours of hard work and practice you went through to get to this point in your style and your career.  Your experience is worth more than many of us, including myself, want to charge.  That’s my PSA for today. You’re Welcome

it's a mouse!

playing with the ipad again for another commission

P.S. my comics are up on Angry and Mad! and i’ll have a new one up Tuesday (which is tomorrow)

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