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Another trip approaches and with that comes sorrow and excitement simultaneously.  On one hand, this past month or so have been an amazing opportunity to revamp the website with a new design, start a twitter, and draw my little butt off!  On the other hand, this trip is bringing with it amazing people like Ty Jones, Chris Chua, Cassie Tarr, Tony Sobota, Jared Layser, and Mr. Cory Lally.  This fair is going to be amazing!  Chua is already talking about collaborative live sketches with us and of course, this is a fantastic opportunity for me to sponge and grow from some really amazing talent.  So stoked.

Before i left, my brain needed to spew one last thought onto some bristol.  I have hopes of possibly coloring this piece digitally as well, but until then, i settled for more practice with my Prismacolor markers.  My personal homage to the show that began my and my husband’s relationship, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to Thee…Futurama

"Scruffy believes in this company."


For the next few weeks, i’ll be focusing on live sketches and doodles and whatever else us group of artists can come up with.  So EXCITED!


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Thanks to the internet and friendly discussions, my husband and i were talked into purchasing an amazing game called Minecraft. Minecraft is a 32 bit game world filled of crafting and mining fun while also including the peril of nightmarish nighttime creatures, horrifying pitfalls, and a butt load of spiders when least expected. The game has taken our lives for the past week, but not without its entertaining upsides. The first of those being that you can create worlds and homes that could only be imagined possible with legos except that most of the laws of physics don’t apply to you. The second great aspect of it is easily being able to create your own character. Jordan purchased an app that helps by separating the body parts for you, but you can also download a template and go from there. Of course, i HAD to make one or two, starting with myself of course because there is nothing better than staring at myself building and mining. The second most natural course was to create a Futurama character. If anyone would like these skins, i can post them for download, but for now, these are screen shots of the characters from my computer.

Of course i'm barefoot

Terrain-ga Leela

She's ready to boldy go.....places

Leela in her home

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