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I don’t do this often but this post will be completely unrelated to art.  I know, i know. Pick your jaws up off the floor, they’re getting dirty and the 10 second rule doesn’t apply to wet stuff.

So back in December, i posted pictures of our Christmas tree.  If you remember, without going back to look at it but you should if you forgot, i decorated our little Norfolk Pine with cute little Minecraft ornaments and placed our gifts around it with love and care.  What i didn’t know at the time was that the Norfolk Pine is apparently a very delicate plant that does not thrive well at all in our Pennsylvania climate.  I watched as the poor plant dried up before my eyes.  I watered it and gave encouraging words to it, but the poor thing looked worse everyday.  More dry and withered than the old lady i posted yesterday.

So today, i finally looked up what to do because i knew that it was more of a warm weather plant and that there must be something i could do to save it.  Alas, not much can be done once it starts drying up.

On the UP side (and there is an upside), i cut off all of the dead branches and will follow the few tips i found to keep the rest of it from going to the light.  The poor thing looks so thin now, but much healthier. You’re Welcome

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