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Art school taught me many things about teaching and art and stuff, but for some unknown reason a degree in Art Education does not come with a course on Font creation.  Fancy that.  Luckily, my husband got such an education in his illustration field, passing on his knowledge and templates for font making onto me.  The fact that he had the proper program didn’t hurt either.

I first used this font for my sign at the bridal expo. It’s a rare moment that my own handwriting doesn’t induce a feeling of nausea let alone be something somewhat pleasant to look at, so naturally i replicated that letter style into a computer font!

enough said

On top of all this, i have been updating the look of my website to be more, well, personal than the stoic design i had in place thus far. The list of updated visuals now include my newly added twitter with personal background and avatar, website with new fonts and backgrounds, along with changing my avatars to this little beauty.  Still not sure whether all this work i’m putting into social media will pay off, but it’s still early in the game.  If anything, it pushes me to create and problem solve which is most important for any artist.

And i am pretty great



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