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it was the butter...one stick too many

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Yes, the H is intentional.  Watch king of the Hill and you’ll understand.  Oddly enough, we referenced the show about a million times while in San Antonio and never watched the show once.  Wanted to though, just never did.

Speaking of San Antonio, i came across some photos to share involving myself and the California Boys, which i will share, which i’m doing now, but once you read this i will no longer be doing it.  Weird.

We went to a place called Mi Tierra in the heart of San Antonio.  A magical place covered in colorful lights and pinatas filled with delicious tacos.  All i have to say is that i’m very sick of eating at chain restaurants, so anytime we can go somewhere local, the experience is instantly better.

it was a good time

jordan really thought so

And of course, here are two of the more adorable caricatures i did in San Antonio

Tomorrow, i bring you Tim and Eric: horses in the wind

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