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She is SO OLD that when she walked into the fossils exhibit at the Smithsonian and looked into the nearest case, she quickly ran and found the nearest employee thanking them for finding her purse.

My finished Whistler’s Mother. You’re Welcome

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Taking a break from the cartooning and caricaturing, i’ve been thinking about some stories that i need to get down on paper; stories that i intend to make into graphic novels, which is a very exciting prospect for me.  I have the outline down and now i would like to focus on some character design.  The character i started on first is more of a leading creature in the world, but not necessarily an active character per se.  It will be jellyfish-esque, hence the jellyfish sketches.

Plus, i wanted to put these up to show the fine arts community that Yes, even though i draw cartoons, it doesn’t mean i didn’t start out drawing realistic figures.  You have to know how to draw the real thing before you can begin to distort it.  I don’t understand why people don’t get that.  You’re welcome

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