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South Dakota was great! Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help me get there.  I will be keeping up my specials because there are still some bills that need covering from the trip and some people i would like to give back to; so if anyone feels so inclined and would like a drawing, just let me know!

Art wise, i have been a bit stuck. I’m in a weird place where i love caricatures but i need some kind of an evolution.  My work is ready for the next step towards being even more proficient.  I’ve been playing around with different things and wanted to try something quick and super cute for a change.  and Voila! They aren’t amazing stylistically speaking, but i just wanted something fun. You’re Welcome


Jordan and i!


My brother and his wife, Amy


My Mom and Dad!


My friends Josh and Skippy with their little boy Tuck-Star!


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