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If you remember, last week i mentioned that i had booked myself into my own show, and it went smashingly!  The size was teeny weeny, and it seemed that only myself, the sand art lady, and the airbrush tattoo chick were managing any business out of the small crowd.  Jordan and I did some very fun drawings, half of which were Star Wars themed.

Why Star Wars?

The Empire decided to police the event, but apparently are also fans of the arts.  I had an AT-AT pilot rummaging through my art prints, Jawas were dancing to the music, Storm Troopers directed cars, and Hans Solo came disguised as a grave robber from Earth’s 1950’s.  I was then commissioned by the Empire to draw them.  It was quite the honor.  Jedis mingled around the area but they seemed too intimidated by Darth Vader to stir up any kind of rebellion in the people.  That day was the best day of the year 2012; so far.  You’re Welcome

Harrison seemed a bit confused on set

The Empire does care about its people

The Empire appreciates art

Keeping the Peace

Group Picture!

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