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Almost every artist we work with loves their work and always finds ways to push themselves to new levels. What makes retail caricature a great artistic experience is that we are in a unique position to constantly play and get pointers from our fellow caricaturists. I think the last time most artists had that kind of art support was in college when you were forced to create in the same space for a few hours.
Since we have such an environment to truly create with our peers, why not take it to the next step? ‘What step is that’ you are asking while taking the next bite of your tasty cake?
Collaborative Caricature.
Chris Chua is currently coming up with many permutations on how to do this, but as it stands we have already tried it a few different ways. For example, one customer sits down and each artist draws her on the same slice of paper, or a couple sits down and each artist draws one of them and then switches easels to complete the drawing. And so on and so on.




The first three three drawings were done with Chris Chua and myself.
This last one was a collab between me and Ty Jones and was almost a reject, but Ty Jones saved the day with his sweet talk.

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